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  1. Prophetess Francenia Ponder

    Grace and Peace!

    Bishop, I currently live in Charlotte, NC, but I have been following your ministry for many years. When my baby daughter graduated from Law School in Boston, this past May, she decided to move back home to Atlanta to practice. Because of who I know God has ordained for her be (as it relates to ministry) I recommend that she attend Wings of Faith. Although she had another church in mind, she did and has been attending every since. I started streaming your service every Sunday and purchasing the messages. I also decided to seed into your ministry.

    While streaming live this morning, and as you shared the testimony about “Shouting John” and the other man, the power of God fell in my room and I begin to cry and praise God. As I weep, I told God, you and your ministry is so needed here in Charlotte. Bishop, I believe there is a word in your mouth, for this region (Charlotte). I know you are a praying man and a man of faith.

    Thank you for your love and dedication to the Kingdom of God!

  2. Sharon Moore Butler

    Greetings Bishop,
    I am so proud of you and your ministry. It delights my heart to see your Ministry flourish over the last 27 years. My husband and I were part of the 75 at the Mortuary when you struck out on your own. You actually married us a month later. We now live in Florida but know that your example is a great template for other churches to follow.
    Sharon Moore Butler

  3. V

    Thanks for the awesome sermons, l really enjoy them!

  4. Kimaley Henderson

    Greetings Bishop! The first sermon of the year was so very awesome, encouraging, and empowering. I thank God for your humbleness, honesty, and transparency in the pulpit. You have this graceful sensitive way of holding the mirror up that we may see an accurate depiction of who we are as individuals, in the world, and in God. I’m continuously growing into a better, stronger me because of what you do and the sacrifices you make for God and His Kingdom. Blessings Be Unto You!

  5. Marionette

    Greetings, Bishop
    My name is Marionette Holloway and I’ve been a member for over 5yrs. Your message today 10/08/17
    Gaints Do Fall really hits home for me I’m fighting a Goliath in my life today, but praise be to God “I AM WINNING” Awesome word today.

  6. Kennethea S Wright

    Good Morning Bishop from Lima Peru… I’m here with the Mary Kay Company and did not want to miss church…Thank God for Live Stream Kennethea S Wright Lima Peru..

  7. Wendy Lockett

    Great service.

  8. Dennis Horne-Cooper

    Bishop Smith and WOF Family,,
    I want to say thank you for the love and support that all of you have shown my niece Latoria Durden and her family during our time of grief. The compassion from your entire church family was incredible and this was the first time I had a chance to say thank you. You all are true examples of how a church family should be and you guy have renewed my faith in the body of Christ…
    Thank you!

  9. Shakeivious Stephens

    Hi, Bishop

    My name is Shakeivious Stephens. I and my family have been a member of Wings for the last 3 years now. I just would like to inform you first on the awesome sermons you give. If we are not in attendance for the service, we make it our obligation to live-stream. I wanted you to know from the time I first visited WOF the sermons preached that week was based on the same subject I spoke on during the week. It was so amazing that I experienced that. I guess it was a conformation from God that WOF is where we are supposed to be. When our family was baptized it was me and the kids 1st and my husband 2nd. My baby was the one you had to waive to the congregation. I believe this was in 2015. In 2014 you preached on Ruth and Boaz. My husband and I were still visitors then. That sermon must’ve touched him because April of that year we where engaged and in June we were married. You have had a major impact in our lives and that’s something definitely worth sharing.

  10. Lataunya wimbish

    Thank you so much for this live stream I have to work EVERY Sunday so I am not able to attend church in person but am able to watch it live from my desk. I wanted to simply say thank you and to continue to pray for my family especially my son who is a college athelete at Albany State we have run into some issues with his financial aid but I’m trusting in GOD that it will continue to work out!!! Continue to work and build GODS kingdom!!! Be Blessed!!

  11. Lisheena Mccullers

    I just would like to say thank you, Bishop for allowing God to use you . I truly am blessed everytime I am at Wings .Your sermons are so encouraging and motivates me to want to be closer and closer to God . I been in some pretty dark places but God is so good , I am truly grateful for all he has done and is doing for me . You are a great man of God ,through your powerful messages , and voice , I can feel the holy spirit all around me . No matter how hard it gets ,I will stay in the race . I pray God will continually bless you and all of his children.Thank u and God Bless

  12. Nathala Simpson

    I listen to the word about rise up and it help me with some of the questions I was waiting for answer for. Thank you for being a real man of God and I am bless to know that my daughter and family found a man who will bring the word no matter if it hurts or make you think.

  13. Natasha White

    Good Day Bishop!

    I grew up with Dwayne and Tanya Carter. I use to attended New Springfield with them during the summers.

    You delivered the Eulogy at my cousin Doris “Doll” Brown home going service and I just wanted to reach out and tell you thank you for that POWERFUL message.

    With thanks,


  14. Kimaley Henderson

    Greetings Bishop,

    Just thought I’d tryout the new website by sending you a hardy “Good Morning”. It looks GREAT by the way. Love it.



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